Performance Measurement

The Costa Mesa Sanitary District developed a program for analyzing organizational performance and collaboration towards continuous improvement in an open and transparent manner. We call it PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT.

The Performance Measurement Program uses existing internal and external data sources to evaluate, analyze and determine how District services, programs and processes can be improved to achieve “Organizational Excellence.” The District focuses on six key service attributes to fulfill its objective of achieving ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE.



A Performance Management Team, consisting of the General Manager, Finance Manager, District Clerk/Public Information Officer, Wastewater Maintenance Superintendent, Administrative Services Manager, Management Analyst II (community outreach) and Management Analyst I (solid waste) is responsible for gathering and analyzing performance data and making suggestions for performance improvements to achieve the desired outcome and public purpose on a quarterly basis.



Annual Reports

pdf 2020 Outcomes and Performance Measurement

pdf 2019 Outcomes and Performance Measurement

pdf 2018  Outcomes and Performance Measurement

2021 Quarterly Reports

pdf Quarter 1 - 2021

2020 Quarterly Reports

pdf Quarter 1 - 2020

pdf Quarter 2 - 2020

pdf Quarter 3 - 2020

2019 Quarterly Reports

pdf Quarter 1 - 2019

pdf Quarter 2 - 2019

pdf Quarter 3 - 2019

Program Establishing Staff Reports

pdf Board of Directors Staff Report
pdf Citizens Advisory Committee Staff Report

2019 Citizen Survey

pdf Survey Results


Board of Directors
This presentation was given to the Board of Directors on November 26, 2018:
pdf Performance Measurement PowerPoint

Citizens Advisory Committee
The following handouts were disseminated to the Citizens Advisory Committee on October 10, 2018:
pdf  CAC Handout 1
pdf  CAC Handout 2


Administrative Regulations No. 70.00
pdf  AR No. 70.00 


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