Message from the General Manager

Hello and welcome to the official website for the Costa Mesa Sanitary District. I’m glad you chose our website to obtain more information about the services and programs we provide.

scott photoThe Costa Mesa Sanitary District is an independent special district that is dedicated to protecting the community's health and the environment by ensuring reliable sanitary services.  We are responsible for maintaining 224.2 miles of sewer mainline that transports 10.1 million gallons a day to treatment facilities for 116,700 residents residing in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and unincorporated County of Orange. The proactive and aggressive maintenance standards we utilize for our mainline and twenty pump stations help protect our waterways and beaches from being contaminated by untreated sewage.  We are proud to be an innovative organization that recognizes the need to properly maintain private sewer laterals. I encourage you to learn more about the District's Sewer Rebate Inspection Program to find out how you can get rebates for a CCTV of your sewer lateral or the installation of a two-way clean-out.

In addition to sewer service, the Costa Mesa Sanitary District also provides curbside refuse and recycling collection services to over 21,500 households.  We have met the State mandate of diverting more than 50% of the community’s refuse away from landfills and we are striving to increase our diversion rate for a cleaner and healthier environment with the implementation of an organic recycling program.  The program is the first of its kind in Southern California where residential food scraps and green waste is recycled into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). To learn more about this new and innovative program, please visit the Organics Recycling page on this website. In addition to organics recycling, we offer many other recycling programs for children and adults such as the alkaline battery recycling program, safe disposal of hypodermic needles, composting and vermicomposting programs, household hazardous waste collections, waste free lunches, large items and e-waste collections.  To learn more about our recycling programs, please download the Green Guide.

Finally, I want to encourage you to view our Strategic Plan. This plan is the blueprint to our future.  It identifies where we want to be in five years and describes how we are going to achieve our goals.

Again, I hope you enjoy this website and if you would like to speak to me or anyone else in person, please don’t hesitate to contact the front office at (949) 645-8400 or you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Scott Carroll, SDA, ICMA-CM

General Manager