Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

Board Room3KTrOn October 26, 2017, the Board of Directors approved the formation of a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to give citizens within the District’s service area an opportunity to become more involved in the community by advising the Board of Directors on key issues. The CAC provides recommendations to the Board of Directors and District staff, evaluates the effectiveness of current programs and policies, and assists in formulating new programs and policies. It consists of up to 11 members that are appointed by the Board of Directors and serve a staggered 2-year term. Members discuss pressing topics and key issues in the world of special districts, including voting districts.

CAC meetings are open to the public and they are held at the District’s headquarters, located at 290 Paularino Avenue, Costa Mesa. Meeting minutes and videos are available for public viewing.

Applications are currently being accepted for:
  • Five (5) upcoming positions for the 2021-2023 CAC term (deadline February 28, 2021)

To apply, download the application and follow the submission instructions on page 1. 


The current CAC Members are as follows: 

Member Position Term
Elodie Katz Chair 2019-2021
Daniel Baume Member 2020-2022
Adam C. Ereth  Member 2020-2022
Dickie Fernandez Member 2020-2022
Monte Fields Member 2019-2021
Seth Greiner Member 2020-2022
Judith Gielow Member 2019-2021
Sue Lester Member 2019-2021
Phil Marsh Member 2020-2022
Andrew Nielson Member 2020-2022
Judith Takaya Member 2019-2021


For more information about the CAC, please see the resources below:

pdf CAC Member Application
pdf Administrative Policy No. 60.00
pdf Citizens Advisory Committee Handbook
pdf CAC Member Responsibilities
pdf CAC Guidelines